Self Take Stick Accessory Arm Extension

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If you already have our Accessory Arm but would like a little more flexibility with placement of lighting, microphones or additional cameras, this Extension Arm is for you.

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Each kit includes 2 Knuckles, 4 stainless thumbscrews and 2 different lengths of carbon (130mm & 400mm). Used in conjunction with the Accessory Arm, there are a multitude of configurations to get the perfect self take set up.

  • Self take photography of angler with carp
  • JAG self take kit
  • JAG self take kit
  • JAG self take kit
  • JAG self take kit
  • JAG self take kit set up to take photo
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For anyone looking to keep their kit to an absolute minimum without compromising on the quality of their catch shots and video, this Accessory Arm Extension is quick and easy to set up and far far lighter than an additional tripod! 


Weight 1 kg



Can the extension arm be used without the accessory arm?

No, the accessory arm extension cannot be used without the standard accessory arm. The extension accessory arm works as an add on of the Accessory arm, for more photography options.

Will my camera fit with these attachments?

Yes, we have used an industry standard sized thread for use with all action cameras, phones & DLSR accessories.

What is this made from?

Our STS range has been manufactured from high grade & light weight aluminium. We opted for soft anodised red for a unique & instantly recognisable look.