Micro & Nano Pod Prolite Black

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A brand new pod with an ‘old school’ vibe that packs a serious punch! The Micro Pod consists of just 7 very compact components; the main bar, 4 legs and 2 uprights. These are quickly assembled into a seriously neat construction.

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With the name ‘Micro’ and the fact it weighs a mere 780 grams, you might be surprised to hear that this is the first pod ever designed to go SNAG FISHING!

The four feet feature a unique machined flat face incorporating an anchor point. Place a ground peg through each of the feet or screw down on platforms and the Micro is the most stable rod platform ever created.

The Micro has a very low set profile with perfectly angled feet giving superior stability. It has a surprising ability to go from micro compact to conventional dimensions.

Machined from JAG’s usual high grade aluminium with super hard black anodising, the Micro features solid carbon inners for the main bar and legs.

  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake
  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake
  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake
  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake
  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake
  • Prolite Black Nano Pod at lake


Extensive use of JAG’s all new ‘No Loss’ Lever for super easy use.

The Micro is sold as a complete pod less buzz bars. The main bar can be purchased separately for existing JAG users that have 4 short bank sticks as they can be used for legs, Stage Bite inners used for the uprights or short bank sticks will suffice.

The complete Micro Pod kit comes supplied with the excellent JAG 3 Rod Buzzbar Bag to keep everything neat and tidy. (The Nano comes with the compact 2 rod Buzzbar Bag).

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Platform SNAG kit is included & consisting of 4x 316 Stainless clamping collars, 5mm Hex key, 4x Torque head SPAX screws and Torque driver bit to fit magnetic holder in rear pod upright to create a handy screw driver.



Weight 5 kg


Can I use any Buzz Bar on this pod?

Yes, you can use any Prolite black JAG buzz bars. The main body is available to purchase separately but you can use any short JAG buzz bars as legs, any buzz bar will screw into the uprights.

Can I use banksticks on this pod?

Yes, any JAG Prolite black banksticks will work, stage bite inners used for uprights or short bank sticks.

What is Prolite Black?

Thanks to the use of High Grade Aluminium combined with some unique design features, our Prolite range is extremely lightweight yet supremely strong!

For added durability each product has been super hard anodised & brightened for the best looking & most durable black finish possible. In short, they are as good as they look & made in the UK

Where was this item manufactured?

As with all of JAG’s bankware, this items was designed, developed & manufactured in our very own machine shop right here in the UK.