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The Hybrid Jacket is a fusion of two of Korda’s most popular jackets; the Polar Fleece and the Puffer Jacket. Taking the lightweight fleece properties of one and the hollow fibre technology from the other has created a blend of core warmth for the body, whilst achieving the manoeuvrability of a lightweight fleece. The Hybrid Jacket is the complete all-rounder and allows casting and spodding in cold conditions, without inhibiting movement.


The fleece arms, side panel and hood are constructed from a heavy-knit fleece material. This not only makes the Hybrid Jacket extremely comfortable and warm but also creates the flexibility needed when moving around.

The puffer-style mid-section will not only keep your core warm but is also incredibly comfortable to wear and won’t restrict your movement, thanks to the hi-tech materials used to make it. The light padding utilises hollow fibre technology to provide the optimal amount of warmth from the lightest possible weight of material.

The mid-section is also windproof to help keep you warm when exposed to the elements, and that is enhanced by a longer than usual back, which helps prevent draughts and stops the jacket riding up above the top of your trousers when you sit down.

A snug-fitting fleece hood and high-zip neck can be zipped up around your neck helping to prevent any cold air getting inside the jacket. The Hybrid Jacket also features two zipped, fleece lined pockets, useful for storing any item you need easy access to but are also great for keeping your hands warm. High quality zips have been used throughout.

The Hybrid Jacket is available in olive green or charcoal and comes in sizes from S to XXXL.

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The complete all-round jacket – Perfect for casting and spodding in cold conditions – Extremely comfortable and warm – Minimal restriction of movement -Snug-fitting fleece hood and high-zip neck -Fleece lined pockets -High quality zips – Available in olive green or charcoal


Weight 5 kg
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