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Whether it’s to match the colour of your alarms, favourite footy team or simply because it looks good, you can now customise your bankware with coloured levers. They are simple to install but do require a 3mm Allen key (not included). Sold in packs of 2. Available in White, red, blue, green, purple, black, orange & stainless.

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Will these work with any buzz bar or bank stick?

Yes, the coloured levers have been designed to replace the matching style that is currently supplied in black or stainless on our latest bank ware.

Why did JAG change the lever?

We do not often update or tweak our bank ware, so when we do, it’s for good reason. This new design offers unrivalled grip, yet they are so easy to use. As well as the fact these are interchangeable & serviceable, making for an all-round better product.

What coating has been used?

These levers are identical to those that feature on our Prolite Black bankware but have been soft, colour anodised. To achieve the right finish we use stainless steel levers & apply a layer of specialist & hardwearing paint.