Adjustable Banksticks 316 Stainless

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Precision machined, high grade stainless steel bank-sticks. Designed, developed & manufactured here in the UK. 

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Available in five different lengths, these bank sticks come packed with useful features, including our ‘No Loss’ Locking Lever & updated head for ease of grip. All this and they are still light weight!

Precision machined and hand built in England by JAG and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. We have also added the same point that is featured on the Prolite sticks, the neat diamond shape helps it grind through the toughest of ground.

This product goes perfectly with our Buzz Bar Bags, for a neat, secure pack away.



Available in 6,8,11,14 & 18Inches (closed).

316 Stainless Steel Diamond Point for use in hard ground.

BSF Thread for use with all industry standard bank ware.

Use in conjunction with digging stick & palm savers for extremely hard ground.


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Available in five different lengths, these bank sticks come packed with useful features, including our ‘No Loss’ Locking lever & updated head for ease of grip.


Weight 3 kg


Can I customise Levers?

Yes, coloured Levers are sold in packs of two and come in red, orange, purple, green, blue, white, black & stainless. They are simple to install and only require a 3mm Allen key which you can purchase separately.

What size do I need?

5″and 7″ banksticks are the best for a low profile set up.

9″ and 11″ banksticks are the most popular as they are more versatile.

15″ and 20″ are brilliant for soft ground fishing or shallow margins.

Are these good for use in hard ground?

Yes, our banksticks are suitable for any conditions depending on their size”. However, to make them easier to use in hard ground you can use a palm saver or digging stick.

Palm savers are great tools when pushing banksticks into the ground, they prevent any painful bruised hands as well as making sure the bankstick is completely level due to the integrated spirit level.

Our Digging stick is the lightest on the market that packs the biggest punch. This will help create a hole for your banksticks within seconds, no matter how hard the ground.

What is 316 Stainless?

Unlike many other bank ware manufactures, we only use high grade 316 Stainless Steel! This is also classed as ‘Marine Grade Stainless’ so you know it’s tough enough for the job!

Where was this item manufactured?

As with all of JAG’s bankware, this items was designed, developed & manufactured in our very own machine shop right here in the UK.